Update: When We All Vote

The Oklahoma Eagle Newswire


Voting should be easy, but that wasn’t the case for many in the 2020 elections. People faced fear around the safety of voting in person during a pandemic, long lines, inaccessible ballot drop boxes, and mail-in ballots that didn’t show up. The list of unnecessary barriers to voting last year was long, and we’re now seeing state legislatures in 43 states put up even more roadblocks to voting.

Elected officials have a long history of using countless excuses to make voting more difficult in our country, and very few repairs have been made to the damage that has done to our democracy. But, we have a chance to fix that right now. We can be a part of making our country a true democracy — and it starts with the For the People Act.

The most impactful thing you can do right now to stop voter suppression and support the For the People Act is call or tweet your senators TODAY and throughout THIS WEEK. They are going to be voting on the bill soon. 


As a refresher: The For the People Act is a

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