The Chains of Racialized Voter Suppression Remain

by Chavis Jones

The chains of racialized voter suppression remain unbroken in America “land of the free.” The supposed shining light of freedom for all the world to see can’t seem to catch its breath although political developments are illuminating voter suppression tactics to disenfranchise Black voters.

Many assumed that the declining health of our civic virtues would improve immediately when Donald Trump left the White House. Many were wrong.

The vote is once again under attack in statehouses all over America. While (most of us) are masked up, the voter suppression tactics of those fearing shifts in power have once again been unmasked.

Same playbook, different day.

The vote is the air democracy breathes. It is not the only important aspect of American democracy, but it is the function through which most others should be made possible. That is, the vote should be a reflection of the will

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