Janey administration prioritizes vaccination

Acting Mayor Kim Janey says her administration has put vaccination at the center of its strategy to fight the spread of COVID infections in the city.

Speaking at the YMCA of Roxbury last Friday, Janey unveiled a $1.5 million grant program aimed at helping people of color obtain vaccinations.

“Vaccination is at the top of our COVID-19 agenda. The city of Boston is pursuing a citywide approach that is focused on equity,” Janey told reporters, speaking in the gymnasium of the Y. “We know that people of color are more likely to get COVID-19 And if they do, they are more likely to die. That means addressing the needs of the entire city.”

In Massachusetts, Latinos account for only 5% of those vaccinated statewide, although they account for 28% of COVID cases here and 8% of deaths, according to data collected by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Blacks account for 6%

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