COVID-19 rates still on the rise

Back in March of 2020 when the global coronavirus pandemic took hold, states and local governments in the United States instituted varying degrees of lock downs aimed at stopping the spread of the virus, which was initially thought to be spread primarily through contact with contaminated surfaces as well as through respiratory droplets.

Infections, hospitalizations and deaths were trending upward when Governor Charlie Baker issued a stay-at-home order that shut down businesses, schools and places of public accommodation. While infections dropped to a seven-day average of just 150 cases by June they shot up to more than 6,000 in January after state and local officials began relaxing restrictions on activities such as retail and as college students and some K-12 schools reopened.

Case numbers dropped to an average of 1,300 in March as the second surge subsided, but now, as K-12 schools across the state are reopening and restaurants have

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