Dispelling the vaccine hesitancy myth

When the emergency vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna started making the rounds, so did sensational headlines about how the Black community wouldn’t take it. Discussion arose among the medical community on how to convince Black people to get the vaccine, and organizations in Boston mobilized to get the community to the mass vaccination site at the Reggie Lewis Center.

But spread of the “hesitancy” due to cultural beliefs, myths and attitudes may have overshadowed the real issues that stop people from taking the life-saving shot.

All kinds of people are afraid to take the vaccine, and Black people are not the largest group of dissenters. According to an extensive survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 10% of Black respondents said they would “definitely not” get the vaccine, while 24% responded they would “wait and see,” compared to 15% of white people who said, “definitely not” and 16% saying “wait

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