Ward 8 Residents Make Surge for COVID-19 Vaccinations

About 1,000 Ward 8 residents came to be vaccinated against the coronavirus at an event at the Southeast Tennis & Learning Center on April 3.

Mona Reynolds, a Ward 8 resident, said when she learned about the event, she didn’t hesitate to sign up for it and to get inoculated.

“Many people in Ward 8 that I know don’t trust events like this but I do because we have to get rid of this disease,” Reynolds said. “I am doing this because I work at a job that may require that I become vaccinated soon. I believe people should be vaccinated because it will help fight the disease and people need to do their research and not believe the myths about vaccinations.”

Data from the D.C. Department of Health reveal neighborhoods located in Ward 8, such as Bellevue and Historic Anacostia, have lower full vaccination rates, 4 percent and 5 percent, respectively than their fellow District residents who reside in Northwest quadrant areas such as Barnaby Woods (25 percent) and Tenleytown (16 percent). Plus, health department data shows Ward 8 has the highest rate of death in the city from the coronavirus, 19 percent even though it has the third-highest

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