A wish list for MBTA service improvements

President Biden has announced his $2.2 trillion infrastructure plan, a financially ambitious offering that targets transit among other sectors. Biden wants to bring $85 billion to existing public transit, which for Massachusetts could provide opportunities for expansion and improvement of the MBTA’s the commuter rail and bus systems.

Here’s what two local transit experts suggested the MBTA do with potential federal funding:

Chris Dempsey, director, Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA)

“We’re big believers in the future of the bus and the need to improve bus service for people that ride it today, as well as to make it an attractive option for transit riders of the future,” Dempsey said, “because it’s such a cost-effective solution relative to rail and other transit options. It allows the T to serve so many more people.”

T4MA focuses on influencing federal and state policy to make transit safer and more environmentally friendly.


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