Election calendar crunch

(CALmatters) – California election officials are running out of time.

Let’s work backwards through the process:

Before the state holds its primary election in 2022, it has to give candidates the opportunity to file to run;Before that, it has to create district maps so that those candidates know who and what they’ll actually be running to represent;And before those maps can be finalized, the public has to be given an opportunity to weigh in. But first the state has to get population data from the most recent Census count.

And there’s the rub: California’s next primary election is set for June 7, 2022 and the 2020 Census data — that first step — is really, really late, partly due to the pandemic.

California can expect some preliminary information to trickle in later this month. That will let us know, for example, whether we as a state are due

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