CTU Warns A Return to Remote Learning if Agreement Is not Reached on High School Reopening’s.

Teachers at CPS high schools returned to the classroom this week. Chicago Public Schools reported that over 84% of its high school teachers returned to their classroom on Monday. They are preparing for the return to in-person learning on April 19. The Chicago Teachers Union warns that its members will return to remote learning if an agreement with CPS is not reached by mid-week

The CTU House of Delegates voted Sunday evening to approve the move if an agreement with CPS leadership is not reached by Wednesday. Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey said, “Our rank-and-file members told the leadership of the CTU in no uncertain terms that we’re not simply reopening schools without more progress at the bargaining table and without a return agreement in high school.”

Last week CTU leaders asked CPS to delay the return to in-person learning for high school students by one week. They wanted

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