Decision to put J&J vaccine on hold stunning for trial participant

TSD freelance contributor Dr. Sybil C. Mitchell is participating in the ongoing Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine trial. This week she learned the J&J one-shot option is on hold pending a review of concerns that have surfaced about blood clotting in a small number of women. (Courtesy photo)   By Dr. Sybil C. Mitchell

For the longest time, I had no words. I sat staring at my laptop, a blank page staring back at me.

On Monday (April 12) evening, I was at The Healing Center, watching a smoothly running COVID-vaccination operation. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, which only requires one shot – unlike the Moderna and Pfizer that require two shots — was being used. 

Nearly 100 people had received their shot. 

Tuesday morning (April 13), news broke that six serious cases of blood clotting resulted in women, who had received the J&J vaccine. One died as

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