Democratic leaders rally behind Newsom to fight recall, but how enthusiastic is the grassroots?

Magaly Colelli, left, owner of Magaly’s restaurant, talks with Gov. Gavin Newsom and actor Danny Trejo, center, in San Fernando, on April 29, 2021. Photo by Robert Gauthier, Los Angeles Times via AP/Pool

(CALMATTERS) – This was the week that the campaign to defend Gov. Gavin Newsom from a recall election that could send him to an early, involuntary retirement began in earnest. Naturally, it started on Zoom.

The stated purpose of the California Democratic Party’s online convention this weekend was to do the boring business of party politics: drafting rules, passing resolutions and electing new leaders or re-electing old ones. 

But the weekend’s virtual meet-up also served another obvious political purpose: To rally the party’s often quarrelsome troops behind Newsom.

“You could theoretically call this the kick-off of the anti-recall campaign, with Democrats circling the wagons,” said Brian Brokaw, a political consultant to the governor.

The Newsom cheerleading

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