Georgia Muslim Voter Project provides refreshments to voters, joins suit against voter suppression law

Georgia Muslim Voter Project: Nonprofit that provides refreshments to voters in line joins suit against new suppression law
By Esther Schrader

On a December morning before Georgia’s runoff senatorial election, Shafina Khabani set up tables in a parking lot outside an early voting precinct and loaded them with boxes of doughnuts, hot chocolate and coffee. Blaring social justice songs from a portable speaker, Khabani and several colleagues merrily handed out what they had to all comers.

For Khabani, executive director of the Georgia Muslim Voter Project, an Atlanta nonprofit that has registered more than 2,700 voters since its founding in 2016, the treats were sweet symbols of the civic responsibility that runs deep within her.

But a sweeping new law would criminalize Khabani’s morning offerings.

Enacted amid demonstrably false claims about “voter fraud” perpetuated by former President Donald Trump and his allies after Trump and two U.S. senators from Georgia were defeated at the

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