Maryland Offers State Employees $100 to Get COVID Vaccine

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Monday that state employees will be given a $100 incentive to get a coronavirus vaccination.

All state employees who are fully vaccinated are eligible for the program.

To receive the incentive, employees must provide their human resources office with proof of vaccination and agrees to receive all subsequent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recommended booster vaccinations within 18 months of being fully vaccinated.

Additionally, state employees who are already fully vaccinated can receive the $100 incentive payment. However, state employees who refuse to get Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-mandated booster shots after receiving the incentive will be required to pay the $100 back for noncompliance with the agreement.

The Maryland Department of Budget and Management is working with state employees’ unions to implement the program.

Hogan said the program is part of his effort to encourage Marylanders to be immunized.

“With this incentive program, we are further encouraging state employees to get vaccinated to help keep themselves, their families and their communities healthy and safe,” the governor said in a statement. “Incentives like this are another way to reinforce the importance of getting vaccinated, and we strongly encourage businesses across the state to consider

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