Pharmacists deliver hope and care

WASHINGTON, D.C. — While corporate pharmacies are the order of the day, one Washington, D.C., pharmacy has become a prosperous neighborhood enterprise.


Two classmates from Africa have found a prescription for success.


Instead of having people wait in line at their Dupont Circle Pharmacy, Cyprian Sabah and his partner Alfred Addico spend part of their day delivering prescriptions to customers around the nation’s capital.

And they love it.

“It is so easy to help clients and community members who are too busy to pick up their own medications,” Sabah told Zenger News. “At Dupont Circle, we try to treat every person as a family member, just like we pick up mom’s medication … and deliver it to [their] home. We do this for all of our clients.”

Alfred Addico (above) and his partner Cyprian Sabah run the Dupont Circle Pharmacy. (

“Sabah typifies the highest

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