Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce turns towards racial reckoning

At the intersection of Boston politics and commerce, there are few events that match the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s periodic power breakfasts of men and women in suits.

The introductions and relationships forged over eggs Benedict and hotel cutlery regularly lead to deals, jobs, donations and promotions — just the kind of meal tickets the Hub’s most powerful business group was formed to issue.

While the pinstripes-and-pantsuits set may trend more conservative than most, Boston’s has at times fomented not just profits, but also protest. A Colonial forerunner of the current Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce organized the Boston Tea Party in 1773 after its merchant members had had enough of crown-imposed duties and taxation without representation.

Under chamber President and CEO Jim Rooney, the influential business organization has another revolution in mind — this one a fundamental change in commercial opportunity for people of color in a nation

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