“Waiting Child” Baby Grows Up And Shares Her Life With KTUL


By Kimberly Jackson


For decades KTUL has helped foster children find homes, through our program ‘Waiting Child.’ Recently we heard from a former featured child who requested a copy of her story, from 36 years ago. We searched through 40 years of tapes to find the right one. It turns out, she was just a baby at the time, who had been left at the hospital after she was born. The social workers called her “Dolly.” 

She had Neurofibromatosis, and doctors gave her no hope. She would spend many years with her legs in casts, and several surgeries.

“He said she said she could be profoundly would be profoundly retarded. He said she would never walk. She would never talk and Kristi did everything he said she wouldn’t do,” said Jerry Edwards, the mother who adopted the baby called Dolly. Jerry and her husband Jesse gave the baby girl a name and a family.

“It was a deal just looking at Kristi, I fell in love with her, the first time I saw her. She was the cutest little bundle of. She had this little white dress on. She was the cutest little

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