Rideshare drivers seek power to unionize

During the summer of 2018, when Felipe V. Martinez used to drop Uber customers at the Boston Logan Airport lot, he had warm encounters with a group of drivers who shared his frustration over Uber and Lyft’s rate cuts.

Uber says they reduce prices seasonally to entice customers to use the service, but many drivers say they lose money when Uber lowers prices for customers.

To organize a meeting to discuss the consequences of rate cuts and unhealthy working conditions, Martinez started handing out flyers in the airport lot. To his surprise, many drivers saw the flyers and contacted him to join the meeting.

“We met at Fresh Pond in Cambridge to discuss [the consequences] of rate cuts and how to tackle it,” said Martinez.  “It was so inspiring. Around 100 drivers came to the meeting to fight for our basic [drivers’] rights.”

That meeting led to drafting of

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