Food Choice in Food Pantries Can Lead to Healthy Habits

Julie Saqueton is looking forward to the end of the pandemic for a lot of reasons. She’s ready to get back to hosting Girls’ Nights Out and Senior Field Trips in person, along with the other community services St. Philip’s School & Community Center provides in South Dallas. 

She’s ready to get back to giving people choices. 

Saqueton is the chief community advancement officer at St. Philip’s, which runs Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry inside a small, efficiently run building that used to be a liquor store, inconveniently located next to the facilities where St. Philip’s would host after school programs. St. Philip’s took over the building in 2015 and expanded their limited food box distribution to a fully operational client choice food pantry, lined with tidy shelves stocked with breakfast cereal, condiments, and grains. A refrigerated section along the back wall houses the produce, meat and dairy.

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