Ambassador Andrew Young asks Fulton Commission to pass $206M Rescue Plan

Ambassador Andrew Young, former Woodruff Arts CEO will ask Fulton Commission to pass $206M Rescue Plan

Commissioners to take final vote Wednesday on County’s Implementation of American Rescue Plan funds for homeowners, small businesses, nonprofits, job training and premium payments for workers impacted by Coronavirus pandemic.

Today, Andrew Young, the former Atlanta mayor and ambassador to the United Nations, and longtime civil rights leader said it’s time for the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to stop playing politics and provide real relief to thousands of people suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ambassador Andrew Young, one of the last lieutenants of Martin Luther King Jr., plans to address the County Commission at its Wednesday meeting at 10 a.m., to throw his full support behind the final version of the County’s “Rescue Implementation Plan, also known as the “RIP” plan. If approved, at $206 million, it would be the largest relief plan in

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