D.C. Residents Carefully Consider Bowser Budget

District residents are pondering D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s fiscal year 2021-2022 budget proposal.

The mayor unveiled the $17.5 billion budget proposal on May 27 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Northwest. The local portion of the budget, funds generated from residents and businesses, is to constitute about $9.2 billion. Bowser’s proposal doesn’t include any tax increases for residents and businesses and President Biden’s American Rescue Plan funds to fill in fiscal gaps to balance the budget.

Highlights of the budget include funding the Housing Production Trust Fund at $400 million, a historic level; increasing the financing of the Building Blocks DC program — designed to use social services to fight crime — from $15 million to $45 million; $7.8 million for more violence interrupters and $400,000 for messengers considered credible in the community; $58 million to help fund full-service grocery stores in Wards 7 and 8; $15 million for cash assistance to people who don’t qualify for federal unemployment; $21 million to build a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting Barry Farm to the Anacostia Metro; a previously announced 3.6 percent increase in the base amount of the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula plus increases for English

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