I’m a Business, Man: Dallas Artists’ Side Hustles Play a Main Role in Their Branding

When Jay-Z delivered his now-infamous bars about being an entire business himself, southern artists completely understood. Since Master P turned a music career into several lucrative businesses including real estate, clothing, and most recently pre-packaged food, southern artists understood the importance of expanding their portfolio. And for the artists who are successful, the side hustle is just as important as the music. 

For hip hop artist DeeVine, connecting sensuality and spirituality is her mission in her music and money-making moves. Through her DeeVine Feminine website, she sells lingerie, loungewear, toys and more. One may feel that a female artist should shy away from selling something so provocative, but that’s exactly what prompted her decision to do it. “I’ve taken on the role of portraying that sensual goddess offering…apparel with a message attached.” DeeVine gets that message across on her Instagram @iam_deevine through educational videos, transparent content, and of course, clips

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