D.C. Republicans Split on Statehood

Congressional Republicans oppose the District becoming the 51st state of the union but the city’s local GOP members look at the matter a little differently.

“The District of Columbia Republican Party has officially always supported the right of D.C. residents to have voting rights in the Congress as well as budget and legislative autonomy,” Patrick Mara, the chairman of the party, said. “That is where we stand on that issue.”

Mara articulates the views of his District party members as the U.S. Congress considers D.C. statehood legislation. No Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives supported D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton’s The Washington, D.C. Admission Act of 2021 when it successfully cleared the House on April 22. Presently, there are no Senate Republicans co-sponsoring Sen. Thomas Carper’s (D-Del.) D.C. statehood bill, with 45 Democrats and Independents signing on to it.

Former Rep. Wayne T. Gilcrest representing Maryland’s Eastern Shore remains the only Republican to vote for D.C. statehood legislation, and he voted for it Nov. 21, 1993 when the House rejected Norton’s first bill to reach the House floor.

Ron Moten has participated in District GOP activities for years and disagrees with his party’s lawmakers on Capitol Hill regarding

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