Daily COVID cases drop to levels last seen in June 2020 in Allegheny County

Fewer than 50 COVID-19 cases on average are now reported daily by the Allegheny County Health Department [ACHD], a milestone not met in the county since almost a year ago, in June, when the county first entered its “green phase.” 

“Much of the credit of this rapidly improving situation goes to our vaccines,” ACHD Director Dr. Debra Bogen said Wednesday. “They work, they protect us from serious effects of COVID, and they’re helping us get back to the world we knew pre-pandemic.” 

COVID-19 tests are also coming back positive just 3% of the time, the lowest in more than 6 months, and hospitalizations and deaths are at levels unseen since late October, early November, according to Bogen. 

“Just two months ago, we were stuck in a fourth surge and averaging more than 450 new cases a day,” Bogen said. “And we have not had a daily total above 100 since

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