Increasing Voter Turnout in Texas- One Ride at a Time

DALLAS – June 2, 2021 – Rideshare2Vote is in their home state of Texas for the Municipals runoffs partnering with seven campaigns including the mayor’s race in Fort Worth. With a turnout rate of two to three percent for local election, Rideshare2Vote aims to increase voter turnout, one ride at a time.

“Municipals in Texas have horribly low turnout, but can impact a community more directly than National and even state elections.”  Stated Rideshare2Vote Founder Sarah Kovich. “We realized that millions of Democratic voters don’t have their voices heard, don’t get their votes cast, so we are changing that one election at a time by providing wheels to democracy and removing a genuine barrier to voting.”

The organization got its start in Texas in 2018 and has since branched out to elections in North Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, and the historic Senate races in Georgia. They will continue with more states this

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