A Return to Normal? The City Opens June 11th.

The City of Chicago is on track to join the State of Illinois in moving to Phase 5 on Friday, June 11th. COVID-19 metrics are at record lows and more than 50% of Chicagoans are at least partially vaccinated. Moving into Phase 5 brings a return to life pre-pandemic. This includes a lifting of all COVID regulations at businesses. Federal mask mandates will still require masks on public transit, in healthcare settings and at schools.

In an appearance on Facebook live, Mayor Lightfoot said “The numbers are looking great…We’ve done great work as a city. Lots of individual sacrifices along the way. So I think we are ready to move to Phase 5 with the State next Friday, June 11th” .  Chicago’s vaccination rate currently stands at 63%, just under the 70% threshold to achieve herd immunity. Mayor Lightfoot and Chicago Health Commissioner, Dr. Allison Arwady stressed the need for Chicagoans

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