COVID-19 Exposed Racial Injustices, the CA Health Equity Fund Brings a Remedy

By Rhonda Smith | Special to the Observer

Rhonda Smith

OPINION – The COVID-19 pandemic has been crushing to California’s Black community and has starkly exposed long-standing racial injustices and inequities. As the coronavirus rampaged, Black people in California became more likely to contract the virus than White residents, more likely to die from it, and more likely to become unemployed because of it. The origin of this devastating reality can be traced to the historic racial Inequities that have beset our communities, inequities that have made the virus all the more deadly for Blacks. Once brought to light, these systemic inequities can no longer be denied, and it is past time for California to implement meaningful solutions. 

The long list of inequities facing California’s Black community is no secret to those of us who have experienced them first-hand.  The life expectancy at birth for Black Californians is 75.1

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