One on One with Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Since her historic election as the city’s first Black Woman and LGBTQ Mayor, Lori Lightfoot has faced unprecedented challenges and obstacles running the city.  From dealing with a global pandemic, racial unrest, a contentious relationship with the Chicago Teachers Union, and local alderman, Mayor Lightfoot has had much to contend with.  The Chicago Defender met with Mayor Lightfoot to talk about what the past two years have been like and what lessons she’s learned during her administration.


Chicago Defender:  Many are concerned with the approaching summer months and violence? What are your plans to deal with the violence in Chicago?

Mayor Lightfoot:  In looking at historical data we identified 15 beats on the South and West sides that are the most challenging in dealing with violence.  We have taken a holistic approach to government.   And by that, I mean, we are

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