Will we ever learn to live with germs again?

Researchers now suggest that the over-disinfecting of our homes, vehicles and other habitable spaces poses a severe health danger.

by Stacy M. Brown 

Travel has increased exponentially, and people increasingly are displaying more confidence that the worst of the pandemic is over.

Like many, Alice Anderson had concerns about germs before COVID, and she believes there remain reasons all should still be cautious.

The parent of a child with life-threatening food allergies, the founder of Mommy to Mom, said she couldn’t help being concerned with how much cleaning and disinfecting has taken place everywhere she’s visited.

“Although researchers haven’t figured out what causes food allergies yet, the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ is an interesting theory,” Anderson remarked.

“It suggests that the lack of exposure to germs in a child’s environment can result in their immune system being unchallenged, which could lead to the possible development of different allergies.”

As stores and online shops

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