An Interactive Art Installation Gives Burlington High Schoolers a Place to Relax

A new interactive art installation in a second-floor classroom at Burlington High School’s new downtown campus aims to give teens the space to relax, destress and just breathe.

It opened this week, after a pandemic year of remote learning and social isolation that hurt students’ mental health.

“Radiant Thought,” created by Burlington artist Clay Mohrman, is an eight-foot wide sphere made of dangling strips of white Plexiglass and round LED lightbulbs. When turned on, the sculpture’s 25 lights pulse gently, and a calming voice guides viewers through a seven-minute meditation.

As sounds of crashing waves, footsteps, people’s voices, and a heart beat play in the background, Mohrman’s collaborator, Brittany Mae, provides recorded narration.

“As you settle into this place around you, find a comfortable space to observe,” Mae says. “Let your gaze center on whatever is in front of you … Notice the air flowing in through your nose and out through your mouth. The inhale, the exhale, the in-between. Can you feel it?”
[content-10] Mohrman first created the artwork as a commission for Burlington City Arts. The piece, which Mohrman says attempts to explore what a brain looks

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