Big questions ahead of California reopening

Sign for Face Mask Required in a Store Window in Santa Barbara, CA during Covid-19 Coronavirus shutdowns

(CALMATTERS) – Less than a week away from California’s full reopening, key details remain unresolved.

On June 15, the state will eliminate the color-coded blueprint that’s governed our lives for much of the past year — another six counties moved into less restrictive tiers on Tuesday, by the way — and allow businesses to reopen at full capacity. California will also update its mask guidance, allowing fully vaccinated residents to forgo face coverings in most situations.

But here’s where the California reopening confusion sets in: As things stand, local governments and individual businesses alike can choose to implement tougher rules — possibly resulting in a patchwork of different policies.

Workplace guidelines are also up in the air, with the state’s workplace safety agency today set to reconsider rules it passed during a chaotic meeting last week that require

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