Is the Sky Falling on Metro?

NASHVILLE, TN –A special election on July 27 will decide the 2021 Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act.

To hear detractors talk about it, you’d think the property tax referendum was worse than COVID-19. City Hall is fighting the measure in chancery court hoping for the third time to keep the measure off the ballot.

“I have no doubt in my mind that it’s going to pass,” said attorney Jim Roberts.

If it does, Mayor John Cooper predicted the city would face a $322 million deficit that would cut MNPS operating budget by 25%. Cooper said trash collection would be reduced to twice a month, the Fire Department would take a 35% hit, MNPD would lose 480 officers and four precincts would have to close.

In addition, Cooper said that some parks, recreation centers, and libraries would close. Funding for Metro General Hospital, Metro Transit Authority, and the Sports Authority would have

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