Advocates sow seeds for Black veganism


RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — For Gwenna Hunter, embracing veganism started with a soul awakening.

While still transitioning from being a vegetarian, in 2015 Hunter stepped into the more established and largely white vegan activist circles.

“I was doing an event with (animal rights organization) Anonymous for the Voiceless where we show the videos of what goes on in slaughterhouses. And there was a white guy, he was homeless, and young, too. He walked past me and said: ‘white power.’ This is not for me. I felt angry. And I felt too amped up. This isn’t what I want to feel,” said Hunter, founder of Vegans of LA, Vegans for Black Lives Matter, and a community leader for Vegan Outreach.

“That’s why I created Vegans of LA. I created it on and then moved it to Facebook. Then I started posting articles and finding my own voice.”

Gwenna Hunter

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