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Resilient Black woman debuts show across multiple TV streaming platforms to empower women entrepreneurs

Sherry Bronson, an outstanding TV talk show host/producer, speaker and author, recently announced the re-launch of The Sherry Bronson Show. The show is designed to elevate the voices of women and underrepresented minorities. Her mission is to be a strong advocate in the female empowerment and entrepreneurship movement.

On her show, Bronson dives into an array of topics with prominent female and Christian leaders surrounding family, lifestyle, relationships and business seeking to provide women with the tools they need to overcome difficult situations. The show shares life-changing stories of individuals who are hurting, lost, hopeless and faithless.

Far too often, diversity has been a highly underappreciated and overlooked factor in shaping the narratives that define our society and the ways in which we live our lives, according to the show’s representatives.

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