Greater Disparities to Emerge in Texas as Unemployment Benefits, Protections Against Evictions and Utility Shutoffs End

June 25, 2021 – Rush hour traffic has returned, and downtown bars are loud, crowded and rowdy again. But the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic also means economic safety nets are vanishing — and Texans struggling to make ends meet may soon fall even further down a financial hole this summer.

Federal unemployment benefits end for Texans on Saturday. Their electricity can be cut for nonpayment starting Tuesday. For renters, evictions will begin to proceed normally again at the end of July.

“We’re going to see disparity in the coming months as social safety nets are being taken away, and people are going to have to figure out all these things on their own,” said Pia Orrenius, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Economic indicators show that while rents stayed relatively unchanged in 2020, landlords are increasing rents again. Inflation is up, and expected to keep

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