Ready, Set, Go: Black Americans Have Sights On Moving to Different Countries

Coming off the heels of 2020, one thing is for certain: racism is alive and Black Americans are tired.

Last year’s pandemic allowed for a surplus of independent time that gave many people a chance to evaluate how life in America had treated them thus far. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahamud Arbury sparked nationwide outrage and relevant conversations surrounding the Black experience in neighboring regions.

The collective exhaustion is by no means a new feeling for a majority of the African-American community. Instances of racial injustice, health disparities, and economic inequality have left many feeling emotionally and mentally spent with little hope that America will offer the same peace other countries seem to hold.

Outside of the emotional toll being Black in America has had on melanated individuals throughout 2020 and beyond, the difference in one’s socioeconomic status is proving to be quite the incentive

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