$100 Million Dollar Man: Senator Darius Brown delivers for African American Institutions

The $100 Million Dollar Man Senator Darius Brown delivers for the Second Senate District and African American Institutions.

How does one define power in the current political climate where it seems the extreme left and extreme right exacerbates the divide among party lines? Is it by title, pedigree, or affluence? Well, State Senator Darius Brown has none of those.

Darius believes influence comes by his proximity to everyday people.

The freshman senator was elected in 2018 to represent the historically African American Senate District, following in the footsteps of Herman Holloway, Sr. and Margaret Rose Henry, the first African American man and first African American women ever elected to the Delaware Senate, respectively. Senator Brown is the only African American that serves on the Joint Capital Improvement Committee in the Delaware General Assembly and this year he has delivered big for his district and African American institutions.

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