Exam school admissions spat nearly derails budget

With three city councilors and an acting mayor locked in a competition to lead the city, a group of white and Asian parents making a last-ditch effort to overturn a policy aimed at diversifying admissions to the city’s three exam schools and acting Mayor Kim Janey’s $3.6 billion city budget hanging in the balance at the bitter end of the fiscal year, what could possibly go wrong?

Last week, that budget nearly didn’t pass, as a group of councilors threatened a “no” vote. Several white councilors, according to people familiar with the process, made a push to exempt 20% of seats in the city’s exam high schools from the new admissions policy. Exam School Task Force members had agreed that entrance to the exam schools would be determined by students’ grades and, to a lesser degree, their score on an exam, then weighted according to the socio-economic status of people

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