High School Principal Worked Overnight At Walmart To Help Students In Need

 As principal of North Charleston High School in South Carolina, an area where 20 percent of residents live in poverty, Henry Darby was used to seeing students in need.

“There were some kids who, when I went to their homes, their mother wouldn’t let me in, but I could see that the home was dark — they had no electricity. Or you could see that they were sleeping on mattresses on the floor. … There was one student sleeping under a bridge.”

As someone who grew up in extreme poverty himself, Darby has a soft spot for such students.

“I found myself dipping into my emergency funds, and I didn’t want to do that but at the same time, I didn’t want to say ‘no’ to anyone,” he said.

So Darby, a member of the Charleston County Council, took an extra step to help out: He got a part-time

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