Take Charge Of Your Health Today. Be Informed. Be Involved. IPV

This month’s Take Charge of Your Health topic affects people in every walk of life, at every age. Hopefully, when we are young, we learn what it means to have healthy relationships. We learn from those who care for us as children. As adults, we model the behavior that was demonstrated to us. If we witness, or are a victim of, emotional, physical, verbal or psychological abuse, it can affect our physical, mental and spiritual health.

While intimate partner violence (IPV) varies by community (as other articles on this page point out), studies show that rates of IPV are highest in the most socially and economically disadvantaged communities for both white and Black men and women. However, especially in Pittsburgh, we know it is our African American brothers and sisters who reside in these neighborhoods who have historically been—and continue to be—cut off from services. As the COVID-19 pandemic prompted

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