Will Americans Opt for Face-to-Face or Virtual?

District residents are looking forward to looking their elected leaders in the eye soon after 16 months of conducting city business virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think government should be able to function whether it be for in-person meetings or if they feel it is necessary, go to a hybrid model where people are in person but can access proceedings virtually,” Charles Gaither, a Ward 4 resident, said. “I would agree that in-person meetings are more engaging and meeting virtually is not an ideal situation sometimes.”

Gaither’s sentiments are reflected by many District residents who want to be able to contact their council members or commissioners in a manner that is more personable.

While supporters of virtual meetings say it allows more residents to participate in government because they don’t have to come to a physical building to be a part of a hearing or proceeding, some District residents say their leaders don’t engage them enough virtually, especially because at any time technology can be used to cut them off.

The discussion throughout the District comes as the council ponders when it will open hearings and meetings to the public for the upcoming fall as it grapples with

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