Black Lives Matter: A Self-Evident Truth

by Hiram Jackson

Now that Black Lives Matter is a part of the country’s social infrastructure, I like so many other Blacks and whites – contemplated if this was a movement for the ages, or a knee jerk reaction to the killing of teen Trayvon Martin. Was it the battle cry that follows in the aftermath of a single tragic and unjust event, or would it take root and birth a movement?

On the eighth anniversary of the Black Lives Matter movement, I can say with complete confidence, that it is the latter.

At the dawn of BLM, when Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, wrote in a Facebook post, titled “Love letter to Black people,” she explained what is at the core of the matter and the movement.

“#Dear White People, please stop hiding your racial indifference behind a veil of anonymity,” Garza wrote. Once

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