Breakfast Hot Spot Coming to Former Burlington Location of Mirabelles Bakery

A pair of thirtysomething brothers from New York City will open a Burlington breakfast spot at 198 Main Street, the former location of Mirabelles Bakery. Allan Walker-Hodkin and Travis Walker-Hodkin hope to launch the Café HOT.  with takeout service by early September. (The restaurant’s name concludes with a period. “We’re very precious about our name,” Travis acknowledged with a laugh.) The menu will include breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos and espresso drinks offered through a new to-go window from 7 a.m. to early afternoon. The brothers said they might expand to offer other meals depending on feedback; they’ll add seating once they are up and running. Breakfast “is a meal we feel very strongly about,” Allan said. “It’s also something that we can tackle with just the two of us.” The pair hopes to bake their own milk buns and will combine local staples such as cheese and eggs with embellishments such as Allan’s signature chile oil and roasted poblano peppers. “We got some plans on biscuits, too,” Travis said. Allan spent 20 years working in New York for notable chefs, including Marc Meyer of Five Points and Cookshop and Ginger Pierce, former executive chef at Jams. From his first restaurant job,

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