One on One with Governor Pritzker

Elected in 2018, Governor Pritzker could not have predicted his term would be filled with a global pandemic, racial unrest, and more. The Chicago Defender spoke with the Governor as he reflected on his term and looked to the future as he launched his official re-election campaign.

Chicago Defender: Your first term was filled with unprecedented moments.  How do you feel about your administration’s handling of these events?

Governor Pritzker: Well, there’s no doubt that no one could have imagined that we would have to fight a deadly global pandemic. When I ran for governor four years ago, I said I wanted to take on the big challenges in our state and put Springfield back on the side of working families. I think we’ve done that even despite the fact that we’re we’ve been fighting the pandemic. And, you know, that pandemic continues. So, we have more work to do.

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