Texas Teachers Say GOP’s New Social Studies Law Will Hinder How an Entire Generation Understands Race, History and Current Events

Teachers who spoke to The Texas Tribune worry that a so-called critical race theory law will chill discussions and lessons about social studies and current events, giving students an incomplete and white-centric view of the world. (Credit: The Texas Tribune)

Aug. 3, 2021 – When Texas teachers return to their public or open-enrollment charter school classrooms later this year, a new state law will restrict how they can discuss current events, encourage civic engagement and teach about America’s history of racism.

Texas educators overwhelmingly denounce the new law, born from House Bill 3979 — the so-called critical race theory bill passed during this year’s regular legislative session. They say its sweeping language, which includes a ban on teaching that a student should feel guilt because of their race, will mean that classroom conversations about racism could unintentionally spur parents’ anger and cause

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