$4.35 Billion Proposed Budget Would Expand Police, Cut Environmental and Homeless Budgets

Pitcured: T.C. Broadnax, Dallas City Manager

City Manager T.C. Broadnax unveiled the proposed $4.35 billion budget for the next fiscal year this Saturday, calling it one of the most impactful budgets he has recommended to City Council since he started the job in 2017.

The proposed budget is over $500 million larger than the budget adopted last Sept. boosted by federal funds and a larger than anticipated influx of property and sales tax revenues. It proposes a number of sizable investments aimed to improve city services, infrastructure, and quality of life while reducing property tax rates for the sixth year in a row. It also substantially increases public safety spending. 

In a roundtable with the press, public safety items were the topline priorities emphasized by Broadnax. The proposed budget includes funding to hire an additional 250 police officers, 61 positions at the

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