An unforeseen heart attack

Wayne Ysaguirre, 55, was no stranger to exercise. When the Roxbury YMCA opened at 5 a.m., he was one of the first through the doors. He had a routine — an hour and a half of aerobics on one of the Y’s exercise machines. He at first ignored the pain in his chest that occurred when he picked up the pace of his workout. Since the pain subsided when he slowed a bit, it was not serious, he reasoned.

That went on for a couple of days. The third day was a different story, however. This time the pain did not subside, and it was paired with clamminess and sweating. When his wife found him doubled up on the sofa, the emergency room was their next stop.

His EKG was normal, but the blood test was suggestive of a heart attack. A catheterization that provides an image of the heart’s

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