Study Shows Blacks are the Lowest Insured for Health Insurance

What does it mean to have value, worth, rights, ownership, fairness, justice and equity? Equity is not just found in real estate but in voluntary protections in what we consider essential in our lives, such as Insurance. Even in these days of uncertainty, people should look to secure as much as they can afford to help protect their lives and better their health. Yet, even though Insurance, for the most part, is voluntary and three insurance coverages — health, life, and dental — have an ownership rate of over 50%, we see among the racial groups, 68% of blacks are the lowest insured when it comes to having health insurance.

A study published in July 2021 shed light on some of the highest rates of Insurance. It analyzed what percentage of Americans own each type of voluntary Insurance (life, health, pet, etc.) & what the average monthly premium is for

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