Hosea Sanders shows no Signs of Slowing Down

Humble Beginnings

Hosea Sanders grew up in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, one of five children of the late Deacon Hosea and Garrett Ann Sanders. He shared that his father did “hard, backbreaking work” to lay track for the Missouri-Pacific Railroad and used the discarded cross ties to build fence posts and barbeque pits. Sanders’ mother worked in many positions, including a boat factory assembly line while attending school. She worked as a cardiac care nurse, EMT, ambulance driver, and the Vice-Mayor of Arkadelphia. Sanders recalled, “My parents had 5 children to feed and clothe. My mother would go down to the county fairgrounds every Wednesday to get government-distributed food for us to eat. During her trips to the fairgrounds, my mother would pick up extra food and distribute food baskets and other items to people in our community. I told my mother that when I get to be a big boy, I’m

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