Research signals five major trends for post-pandemic America

(NewsUSA) – Despite challenges over the past year, more than half of U.S. adults are optimistic about the next six to 18 months, according to two nationwide surveys commissioned by the Contact Lens Institute. That translates to people planning to socialize more and concentrate more on health — including eyesight.   “America is once again focused on the future. Great vision and contact lens options play a huge role in turning plans into reality. That’s why we launched See Tomorrow ( and our companion sweepstakes, pinpointing what U.S. residents want as the pandemic subsides and helping them get there,” says Contact Lens Institute Executive Director Stan Rogaski.   The research uncovered five eye-opening trends taking place across the country:   Things are Looking Up. 59% of the more than 1,000 adults surveyed report they are optimistic about the next six months. The data is similar for 12-month and 18-month

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