Significant Decline in Routine Childhood Vaccinations

Recent data shows a 12.9 million dose gap in public vaccine orders in the U.S. for routine childhood vaccines in 2020-2021 compared to the year prior. This leaves many children, especially younger ones, at risk of serious illness from vaccine-preventable diseases, like measles and whooping cough. In addition, as children return to in-person school and activities, they must get caught up on routine vaccinations.

Dr. Melinda Wharton, Associate Director of Vaccine Policy with the CDC, says, “COVID-19 caused so many disruptions last year – and as a result, many children missed their regular well-child visits and have fallen behind on receiving routine vaccinations. As in-person learning and play continue to resume, we want all our kids to be protected – and that means getting caught up on routine vaccinations that were missed. We can all do our part to help, whether we’re parents making sure our children are up to

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